Hakstege Consultancy


Hakstege Consultancy is specialised in water management, environmental issues and mineral resources. Pol Hakstege is an independent consultant and owner/founder of Hakstege Consultancy.


Hakstege Consultancy offers the following services

  • Advice/technical management on the following topics:

-  Flood management;

-  Ecological and chemical water quality;

-  Dredging: environmental aspects and maintenance;

-  Dredged material management: treatment, use and disposal;

-  Eco-engineering/Building with Nature;

-  Geochemical exploration on mineral resources.

  • Capacity building such as lectures or courses

on e.g. Room for the River, Water Framework Directive, environmental aspects of dredging, climate change and geological topics such as gold exploration.

  • Reviews, evaluations or second opinions of papers, reports, EIA’s etc.


Summary of experience

Pol has a background in Geology (MSc with honours, 1973 University of Utrecht,

The Netherlands). His main experience is on technical management of projects for flood management, dredging and/or ecological/environmental improvement of water systems (in total 24 years experience at Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment).

He is active in international networks for knowledge exchange on water management (ICID), dredging and sediment management (CEDA, PIANC, DGE, SedNet).


The first part of his career was on geochemical exploration on mineral resources, especially gold (15 years experience in West-Africa and South-America).


Pol is able to connect or integrate the different disciplines involved and is strong in problem analysis and delivering pragmatic solutions. Due to his social and communicative skills he is able to solve problems in good cooperation with the partners involved.


He has gathered much experience in using an integrated, sustainable approach for the realisation of water infrastructure projects. This means, in addition to the needed functionality and risk management, to identify and realise opportunities for the improvement of the environment (in the widest sense) also on the long term.


Due to his extensive experience abroad and language skills (English, French, Spanish, German) Pol is also interested to contribute to international activities.



Senior Consultant Hakstege Consultancy (May 2014 – Present)

Small-scale dredging programme for Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

Knowledge exchange Water Framework Directive between Europe and USA (SWAN)

Room for the River programme on flood management


Technical Manager programme Room for the River, Rijkswaterstaat (2012 – 2014)

Technical management on programme level of projects realised by partners (Regional water authorities/water boards and Rijkswaterstaat) for flood management in the Netherlands.


Technical Manager project Water Framework Directive, Rijkswaterstaat (2009 – 2012)

Preparation and realisation of measures for the WFD in Eastern and Central Netherlands.


Manager of Community of Practice Eco-Engineering, Rijkswaterstaat (2008 – 2009)

Knowledge exchange for Eco-Engineering within and outside of Rijkswaterstaat. Contribution to the development of the innovative programme of Building with Nature (


Technical Manager/Senior Advisor, Rijkswaterstaat (1995 – 2009)

Management and advice of complex dredging projects:

-  national strategy for confined disposal facilities for dredged material;

-  pilot projects for large-scale treatment and use of dredged material;

-  Dutch Master plan for dredged material;

-  national survey on large-scale treatment techniques.

Management of dredged material and soils from measures for flood risk reduction along the river Meuse.


Environmental Advisor, Rijkswaterstaat (1992 – 1995)

Investigation and environmental assessment of contaminated sites in fluvial sediments. Development of treatment techniques for contaminated dredged material.

EIA of gold mining in Suriname.


Research associate, Agricultural University of Wageningen (1991 – 1992)

Geochemistry of heavy metals in Holocene clay deposits used as resources in the ceramic industry.


Chief Geologist, Geological and Mining Service in Suriname (1982 – 1990)

In charge of exploration programmes for gold, base metals and dimension stone.

Lecturer (part-time) at the University of Suriname: petrology, mineralogy and statistics.


Research associate, Universiteit Utrecht (1980 – 1981)

Geochemical investigation of volcanic rocks in Greece.


Exploration geologist (associate expert) UNDP (1977 – 1979)

Gold and phosphate exploration in Benin West-Africa.